The Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) is perhaps the most prestigious institution of higher learning in Zambia. Studying at ZCAS carries with it some sort of social status which other students from colleges like Evelyn Hone and NIPA can only envy.

But it seems there is more to ZCAS than prestige and swag.

“For girls, when you come to ZCAS, you’ll be humped within a month,” warns a 21 year old young man in sagged jeans and carrying huge earpieces connected to an iPhone 5.

“Here we do all sorts. Sex, drugs, alcohol, and yea, we change girls like socks, buh they also change us like underwear nuh mean?” The charming “exsay” adds.

Since the days of Iris Kaingu, the spotlight has been shining on ZCAS for social reasons, if not concerns, and some parents have had to face the dilemma on what to do with their kids who want to study accounts at the institution after high school.

A 19 year old student of ACCA at the famous tuition centre has an opinion that does not make the parents’ anxiety any better: “This is ZCAS my guy. You come here as innocent as they come, but you can be anything or everything by the time you leave. We’ve got girls and guys who are great accounts students, great pornstars and even great alangizi and housewives and husbands by the time they graduate.”

But not everyone is good at the balancing act between academics and social life, as observes another girl, aged 21: “My friend got carried away with her boyfriend. She kept failing a number of papers till her parents took her to Zabtuc, which again depressed her. She’s now trying her luck at some private university, frustrated with school, dumped by the boyfriend. Social life here can be distracting.”

But what exactly is wrong with ZCAS?

“Freedom,” points out a student who graduated last year, and now works in a bank, “At ZCAS you can do anything with and in your room. Rules are relaxed because when they become too strict, many students want to rent boarding houses away from the control of college authorities. And then you can have all the gadgets you want to have. Video recorders, laptops, expensive phones… All these are tools that make you wanna do things like shoot a nude video of yourself.”

But another student thinks ZCAS has just had more than its fair share of the limelight. “All students in all colleges and unis do have sex. Just that at ZCAS we had a scandal [involving MMD Vice President Michael Kaingu's daughter Iris who was convicted for appearing in a pornographic video and expelled from the college]. So everyone including our parents have their eyes on ZCAS.”

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